Chronaki Catherine


The rapid pace of digital health innovation changes the dynamics of the relationship among patients, families, and the care team. Online search tools, massively open online courses, and health and wellness apps advance patient education and catalyze doctor-patient communication. Digital health literacy initiatives facilitate self-help and peer learning. The ability of patients and their next of kin to seek, find, understand, appraise, and their confidence to act upon this information increases. Hospitals already use such tools to help patients understand and manage their condition and treatment plan prior to discharge. Daring cardiologists recommend apps to patients wishing to monitor their health between appointments. So, what’s next?  Emerging just-in-time HL7 standards reliably and safely connect patient-generated data from health and wellness apps with information from electronic medical records. This personalized connection can adapt health tips and resources to the personality and background of patients informing, directing and tailoring their learning experience.