European countries are coping with an aging population, rapid medical innovations and an increase of the number of patients with a chronic disease. Healthcare budgets are under serious pressure, traditionally leading to an emphasis on the need for cost reductions.

Recently, health care in developed economies is increasingly focusing on value according to the willingness of health systems or individual providers to incorporate the best clinical practice. ‘Increasing patient value using a doctor driven approach’ is at the core of the Value-Based Health Care concept, defining patient value as the health outcomes achieved by the corresponding costs.

Value-Based Health Care is gaining more ground in Europe. Since the appearance of Porter and Teisberg’s book ‘Redefining Health Care’ in 2006, the Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Center Europe was founded for the propagation of Value-Based Health Care in Europe.

Prof. dr. F. van Eenennaam, chairman of the VBHC Center Europe, will share the main European developments in Value-Based Health Care since 2006 during the LMC forum. Various leading VBHC projects and organizations in Europe will be discussed during this interesting talk. With over 60 VBHC projects in the Netherlands, a leading VBHC project in cardiovascular care in the Netherlands will certainly not be left out. With over 50 projects/organizations in Europe, the European developments will also be discussed.

A great movement is being observed towards an ever improving healthcare delivery system, centered around patient value, changing the future of healthcare delivery and management. Be inspired by the organizations that started redefining health care and focus on increasing patient value.