Richard Wellins

Richard Wellins is ones of the world’s leading experts in talent management and leadership development. He received his Doctorate in Social/Industrial Psychology from American University in Washington, DC. He serves as a Senior Vice President at Development Dimensions International. DDI, with over 1,000 associates worldwide, has helped thousands of organizations develop stronger leadership capability. His current role includes heading DDI’s Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research.


He has recently co-authored two seminal pieces of research: The 2014ǀ2015 Global Leadership Forecast and High Resolution Leadership. Over 25,000 leaders, in virtually every country and function participated in the research aimed at painting a clearer picture of what constitutes effective leadership, and what practices really lead to better leadership performance.


Dr. Wellins has published a number of books on leadership and teamwork including, Empowered Teams, Inside Teams, and Reengineering’s Missing Ingredient, and most recently, Your First Leadership Job, How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others.. He has written more than 50 articles for professional journals in the area of talent management and has spoken at over 70 global conferences. His work has appeared in or on BBC, Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and The New York Times. He currently serves as a judge for CNBC’s Asian Business Leaders Awards.