Speaker Presentations


Carone Giuseppe

Europe Demographics and health care systems sustainability

Crawford John

Big data, analytics and healthcare systems' sustainability

Fuster Valentin

Cardiovascular medicine in modern times. Main challenges

Maniadakis Nikolaos

Introduction to Health Economics

Probst Josef

Social Health Insurance: High quality treatment and financial sustainability

Siebert Markus

Applying health economics for medical device funding & reimbursement: some industry experience

Siebert Markus

Medical Technology Innovation in Europe: The need for coordinated access

Torbica Aleksandra

Economic evaluation of disease burden

Wood David

The global challenges to cardiovascular health


Camm John

The relationship between physicians and industry. Goes and Woes

Heijltjes Marielle

Leadership skills in a fast moving and much demanding world

Hindricks Gerhard

Value of workflow optimization for treatment quality and economic balance for interventions in cardiovascular medicine

Mehra Mandeep

The Physician of the future: Looking thirty years ahead

Timmis Adam

Control key performance indicators in your cardiovascular department


Chronaki Catherine

Digital health literacy initiatives in cardiology. What's next?

Lobban Trudie

How patients with cardiovascular disease can benefit from digital health technology

Luscher Thomas

How to lead your department successfully. Message to young cardiovascular specialists

Marco Jean

Transformative learning approach: a potential model for future leaders in learning process

Meglic Matic

Digital documentation as key enabler for value based care: where do we stand today?

Van Eenennaam Fred

Value-based health care in Europe. What is next?